Independent Registered Counsellor and Play Therapist in Private Practice

BPsych (Hons) (MGI)

Masters in Psychology (NWU)

HPCSA No: PRC0014621


I completed my BPsych (Hons) at Midrand Graduate Institute, where I trained at various placements, including Leeuwkop Prison, Teddy Bear Clinic, The Phelophepa Train (KZN), SADAG and Cluny Farm. In addition to this, I worked as an individual counsellor to students and adults at Midrand Graduate Institute.  For my Masters in Psychology at North West University, I concluded my internship at Nkosi’s Haven where I provided private counselling sessions to parents, children of all ages and young adults.  Furthermore, I was involved in the creation of the Nkosi’s Haven’s HEART programme (HIV/AIDS Educative Support through Arts and Recreational Team-Work).

My focus is holistic, integrative and adapted to the needs of each individual client. I am determined to facilitate a process of empowerment that utilises my clients’ strengths, motivation and willingness to recover. 

I dedicate myself to working with children, adolescents and adults in a space where I can relate to the client as a person rather than to impose a clinical professional relationship on them.  Additionally, I offer couples and family therapy. 

I work over a six- to eight-week period with an individual, group or couple, as dealing effectively with difficulties of addiction, depression, eating disorders and stress takes time.  Gaining skills, knowledge and strategies in a healing environment that can be implemented to create reconnection with each individual’s life is also timeous and takes understanding and patience.

Through developing communication skills, assertiveness and relationship skills, individuals are equipped to better deal with stress.  By enhancing coping skills, individuals who are overcoming addictive behaviour, depression or anxiety difficulties can regain control over their lives and move back into life with new capacities and resources.  I ensure that no unrealistic expectations are set, and practical applications are put in place so that children, parents, adults, couples and communities are supported, and that their well-being comes first.

I feel immense joy in witnessing the empowerment that comes when clients, no matter the age, recognise their inner resources and as a result flourish.  I consider it an honour to form part of their process in coming closer to the accomplishment of their potential.




HPCSA NO: PRC0014621


Monday -  Friday: 08:00 - 19:00

Saturday: 09:00 - 14:00

Tel: 073 683 0895